We present a unique fitness system X-FITNESS, which is part of our anti-aging program XITONIA . Our fitness system is designed primarily for people over 50, but it works very well for any age.

The main advantage of our X-FITNESS system is that we combine workouts with mental training, which helps you reduce stress and reset your mind.

Another unique feature of our system is that our exercises are designed in such way that you are getting a complete workout. This means that you train all your muscles, you improve your flexibility, you train your balance, and you are getting a good cardio training. As opposed to traditional fitness systems, when they usually focus on one or two of these elements at a time, when we offer a comprehensive approach.

Our fitness system offers three levels of intensity: the LIGHT LEVEL (for beginners), the ADVANCED LEVEL (if you are in good physical shape, and for those who passed the beginners level), and the EDGE LEVEL (for those who is able to perform our workouts with the highest intensity). Each exercise consists of several basic elements that are combined into a structured routine. These elements are simple to perform, therefore any person in any physical shape can start practicing our fitness-system. And with gaining an experience, or if you are already in a good shape, you can gradually progress to the next levels.

As a variation of our fitness system, we offer the X-DANCE routine, which is a set of dance moves that can be used as a good workout as well.