We offer an opportunity to become an instructor for teaching a new fitness program XITONIA (X-FITNESS).

Who we are looking for:
  • instructors currently teaching various types of physical activities (yoga, Pilates, etc) and who would be interested in expanding their practice or move to a new type of fitness
  • fitness enthusiasts who would like to be involved in promoting and teaching a new type of fitness
What support we provide:
  • train instructors for teaching the X-Fitness
  • promote the program and recruit participants
  • find space for the classes in different locations
  • take care of all organizational issues
What an instructor will need to do:
  • learn the X-Fitness program and train to become an X-Fitness instructor
  • teach classes once a group is formed

XITONIA is a completely new type of fitness, built on non-traditional principles. This opens up new opportunities for fitness instructors.

Attracting a new category of students not covered by traditional fitness programs

X-Fitness was originally created for people over 50, as a part of a broader anti-aging system XITONIA. Therefore, it attracts those who usually do not participate in traditional fitness classes, such as yoga, Pilates, etc.

Our fitness program XITONIA does not compete with other types of fitness, because it focuses on its own niche group. This allows you attract an additional category of students without compromising your current practice.

Offering an alternative way of exercising to people who lost interest in traditional types of fitness

During the last decades yoga became too widespread. You can find a yoga studio on every corner. Consequently, people have grown tired of yoga and in general of all traditional types of fitness. They are looking for new experiences and new forms of exercising. A vivid example of such growing interest is the recent wave of new trends in fitness and the emergence of many new fitness programs.

Entering a new field with no competition

Moreover, the ever increasing number of yoga instructors lead to intensification of competition in this field. What we offer, is a completely new type of fitness, in which you will have no competitors, and which attracts potential participants by its uniqueness and novelty.


The X-FITNESS program is a part of a more broad anti-aging system XITONIA. It includes a set of psychological practices and the use of naturopathy to strengthen the immune system and to reprogram our consciousness for fighting diseases and slowing down the aging process. Our system is based on the traditions of the Northern tribes of Europe and Asia.

Our anti-aging system XITONIA was originally designed as a retreat program. We offer an original approach and our own concept of such a retreat. For those who become an X-FITNESS instructor, there will be an opportunity to participate in such retreats as well. We will provide all required support and assistance.

We present the result of our lifetime's work - the fitness program XITONIA. It is based on non-traditional approaches and principles that helped us create a simple and effective type of fitness. It focuses primarily on slowing down the aging and activating the powers of our body.

The main feature of our system is that it combines physical exercises with psychological relaxation practices in order to activate the internal powers of the body and to slow down the aging.

Our fitness program is mostly intended for people over 50, taking into account the age-related changes that start happening in the body at this age. However, we recommend to start practicing XITONIA fitness at any age, it will help you stay young and fit much longer.

The most distinctive feature of our fitness program is that we use the integrated form of exercises. Our training routines incorporate all required components, such as strength training, cardio, balance training, and stretching, everything is included.

Our workouts are built on the principle of gradual increase of intensity. As a result, it can be practiced by people of any physical shape and training background. This principle is also applied in our program in order to to avoid injuries and muscle strain.

The exercises are easy to learn. In addition to strength training, they include stretching and balance training. Due to the fact that we use the integrated form of exercising, you get an intense workout in a short period of time. Even if you practice X-fitness only for 10 minutes a day, this will be enough to keep your body in shape.

Another important feature of the X-FITNESS is that it combines training of your body and your mind. We use certain psychological techniques to relieve stress and re-program your mind.

Our X-FITNESS program includes a series of different workouts, but all of them are based on the same principles, such as working with an imaginary resistance, applying the entire body and engaging all muscles at once, gradually increasing the intensity by moving through 3 points, constant leg work, and performing exercises to the rhythmic sounds of the drum beats.

For more information about our principles, approaches, and to see our exercises and routines, please go to our YouTube channel.

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For all inquiries, please contact us by email: [email protected]