One of the key elements of fighting the aging is boosting the immune system and maintaining an optimal biochemical balance in our body.

Such approach is the core of our health improvement system X-BODY, which consists of two parts.

X-BIO includes an individual selection of healthy diets, as well as procedures helping to restore and cleanse our body.

X-IMMUNITY focuses on boosting the immune system, using naturopathy and holistic remedies, that are rooted from traditional medicine.


The main threat to our health comes from diseases. They can be divided into two types - internal diseases and external infections. In most cases our body, if it is strong enough, is capable to cope with both types of diseases on its own.

We see the task of fighting the aging in strengthening our body and increasing the resistance to diseases. To achieve that, we offer to use conservative methods that would stimulate the work of internal organs and boost the immune system.

We are focusing first of all on preventive measures that would help avoid diseases. It is important to mention that in no way we suggest to replace the qualified medical care when it is needed, especially in case of serious illnesses and when surgery is required.


X-BIO includes recommendations on individual selection of healthy diets, as well as the procedures that help restore and cleanse our body.

We proceed from the fact that our body is a comprehensive and multilevel biochemical system. In fact, it works as a chemical plant where each organ produces its own set of chemicals.

There is an active exchange of these chemicals inside the body, and in order for the whole system to function smoothly, it must always maintain the balance. This means that each organ must produce a certain amount of the required substances, no more and no less. They should be transmitted at a certain rate and in certain quantities to other parts of the body. The substances that are not in use anymore or that are harmful, should be promptly removed from the body, and so on.

In this regard, we can definitely say that all our illnesses and malaises are caused primarily by throwing off the biochemical balance in our body. Therefore, it is very important to keep this balance for maintaining good health , which can be done through improving the functioning of organs and stimulating the metabolic processes.

This is what our main approach is based on - helping our body maintain the proper work of internal organs. For that we offer the remedies from traditional medicine that were time-tested for centuries.


Our system X-IMMUNITY is focused on boosting the immune system by using naturopathy and holistic remedies, that are rooted from traditional medicine.

The modern science still does not really understand how the immunity works. We only know that this is an extremely effective fighting tool against the viral and bacterial infections.

At the same time, over the centuries, people have accumulated practical knowledge and experience in strengthening the immunity by the methods of naturopathy, which is the basis of our approach.