The core of our anti-aging system XITONIA include both body training with our fitness system Xitonia and mind training with the psychological practices that we developed. And the key element of our psychological practices is reprogramming the mind.

We proceed from the fact that our body is a comprehensive biochemical system that is managed and controlled by our brain. And our brain is that organ that generates our consciousness.

The work of our brain is very similar to how computers operate when they process a large number of programs. In regards to our brain, these programs control all processes in our body, control our reactions, our actions and behaviour. Altogether it is called consciousness.

There are two levels of consciousness. The first level is basic, it is also called the subconscious. It contains programs responsible for keeping everything in the body running smoothly, as well as for all our basic instincts and reactions. This is what was created by nature.

The second level is a superstructure, a programmable add-on that is formed in the process of growing up, studying, and gaining a life experience. This level is actually called consciousness. It is responsible for processing the incoming information, for making decisions and for our behavior.

Our system Xitonia deals with both levels. We have developed effective psychological techniques and practices that help reprogram our mind to fighting the aging and diseases. It also helps better adapt to the changes happening around us and in our life, and helps you make the most effective decisions.


This is a set of simple and effective techniques aimed at increasing psychological resistance to stress. These techniques will help relax, get away from all your worries and problems, and focus on what is really important. This will help you protect yourself from the damaging effect of stress on your health.


We have developed a philosophy that is based on the principles of biological prerogativism. The main objective of this philosophy is help you change the way you perceive the world, reassess your values and choose the most optimal behavior model.

The core of our philosophical concept is mastering a cool and pragmatic attitude to everything that is happening in our life. Our behaviour should be defined by our biological nature, and by the laws of existence in society.

We call this correction of the person's worldview a cognitive re-balancing. It helps you become more resilient to stress, and be able to find the most effective approaches to solving the problems in your life.

We present our philosophy and train how to apply it in your life through the series of situational games.


We proceed from the fact that every person, right from his birth, has an embedded in his subconscious belief in the existence of higher powers that help and guide us. We think that such faith can strongly influence our mind, the same way as placebo does. And we apply this in our anti-aging system Xitonia.

We also view the Universe and the Earth as intelligent entities. There is a universal field of mental energy through which the information is exchanged between the living beings and the intelligent Earth.

We call this field an animosphere, and consider it as a higher-level superstructure in relation to the noosphere and the biosphere.

We believe that there were times when people were able to use the animosphere for obtaining knowledge and for influencing other people and the surrounding nature, through performing magic. So in those days magic had a different meaning. That is why we consider magic as a real tool, but the tool that should be used only for connecting to the animosphere, nothing more.

It is also our belief that when we reach out to the animosphere, we turn to our own subconscious at the same time. This way we reprogram our mind to achieve our desires, which we ask the animosphere about.

Therefore, even if the idea of the animosphere is false, and it does not exist, we can at least influence our own mind and get what we desire, the same way as placebo works.

By performing rituals we can focus on creating a communication channel with the animosphere. We call such a technique a transformative magic, and we consider it a key element of our anti-aging system Xitonia.


Sex is the most powerful driver of human beings, it influences us and our behavior in many ways. Sex can heal and improve our health, it can impact our mental state and our behavior. And it is also a powerful source of positive energy that we need for creating a communication channel with the animosphere and reprogramming our mind.

We have developed techniques for using sex as a part of the transformative magic, which are based on ancient customs and rituals.